What is Bring your own Device (BOYD)

A Business might have to consider allowing employees to use their own Smartphones and Laptops/PCs for work purposes, which is also known as “Bring your own Device” (BOYD). This type of business policy is an important one to consider when your employees are working from home.

Control of Personal Devices

Although it is a good way to decrease company costs, this method needs a balance between ensuring employees are satisfied with the amount of control over their devices and minimising cyber security risks.

There are many approaches with which “Bring your own Device” (BOYD) can work successfully. If your employees are happy with full control of their devices than the business can minimise cyber security risks. If employees’ devices will not be subjected to personal use then the risk of malicious software and malware finding its way through to the business network and systems will be low.

Minimising Cyber Security Risks

The most successful way to minimise cyber security risks from “Bring your own Device” (BOYD) approach is to monitor your employees’ devices. Your employees will need to be approached and they will need to agree and be satisfied with the amount of control over their devices.

Another factor to consider is the types of apps that they will be allowed to use on their devices. Employees’ devices will also need to be up-to-date with both the latest software and anti-virus updates to minimise cyber security risks. Some training will need to be given to employees to explain how to achieve this. The type of data and documents that employees can access using their own devices also needs to be considered.

It is best to always ensure that multi-factor authentication is supported whenever employees connect to the business network. If your employees’ devices have full VPN and they have been enabled for their personal use than malware could find its way onto the business network and this risk will need to be mitigated.

Using “Corporately Owned Personally Enabled” (COPE) Devices

The best way to minimise cyber security risks is to use the approach known as “Corporately Owned Personally Enabled” (COPE). This will allow employees to use their devices for personal use in a controlled manner by the business. The business will be able to control how they are used and what apps can be used for both personal and corporate use. The business will have complete management of the device and thus will be able to minimise any security risks that come with “Bring Your Own Device” (BOYD) use.

Using Container Apps

One of the ways to allow employees to use their own devices and still minimize security risks is through the use of container applications. These are typically provided through third party vendors. A number of apps can appear within one container. This solution provides less control of the employee’s device while still providing good security controls and monitoring of the device.

Control of PCs and Tablets

There are various ways in which to allow employees to use their own PCs and Tablets from home. There are however many security risks and these will need to be analysed to achieve the best possible route to minimise security risks. Support of these devices can be achieved through software and hardware solutions.

If the use of BOYD increases in your business you will find that the demand for IT support will increase especially if various types of devices with various software platforms are being used remotely at home by employees.

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