Cyber Security

With cyberattacks targeting businesses and organisations of all sizes across the UK on the increase, it’s imperative to protect your sensitive information being exposed, your operations being interrupted, and your data being encrypted by ransomware. Breaches caused by a malicious cyberattacks are not only common, but also expensive in terms of cost but more importantly reputation.

4s Systems have partnered with Panda Security who are the leading European vendor of Endpoint Detection and Response systems (EDR), with over 30 years’ experience providing cybersecurity services.

Why 4s Systems recommends Panda Security for businesses?

  • Cutting edge technology, to prevent malicious processes executing, and Threat Hunting to identify malware.
  • Centralised cloud portal for easy of management.
  • Easy and quick to deploy, saving time and effort to migrate from common security solutions to Panda Security.
  • Competitive commercial terms for Businesses.

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Cyber Security London
Cyber Security London