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For over 20 years, WatchGuard has pioneered cutting-edge cyber security technology and delivered it as easy-to-deploy and easy-to-manage solutions. With industry-leading network and endpoint security, secure Wi-Fi, multi-factor authentication, and network intelligence products and services, WatchGuard enables more than 80,000 small and midsize enterprises from around the globe to protect their most important assets including over 10 million endpoints. In a world where the cyber security landscape is constantly evolving, and new threats emerge each day, WatchGuard makes enterprise-grade cyber security technology accessible for every company. WatchGuard is headquartered in Seattle, Washington, with offices throughout North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America.

WatchGuardONE Gold Partner

We at 4s Systems understand advanced security threats and have partnered with an industry leader WatchGuard to make sure your business has the right solutions and best in class technology to safeguard your employees, customers, data, endpoints and network.

WatchGuard One Silver Parter logo
WatchGuard One Silver Parter logo

WatchGuard Software & Firewalls

WatchGuard AuthPoint

AuthPoint, WatchGuard’s multi-factor authentication solution, helps keep your assets, accounts, and user identities secure. Until now, multi-factor authentication has been out of reach for small and midsize organisations due to complex integrations and costly on-premises management. This is no longer the case, AuthPoint is easy to deploy, easy to manage, and affordable

Easy-to-Use WatchGuard AuthPoint Mobile App

WatchGuard’s AuthPoint app allows users to authenticate right from their own phone! No need to carry key fobs or thumb drives; instead install and activate the AuthPoint app in seconds, and then use it to authenticate from a smartphone. It enables speedy push-based authentication as well as offline authentication using QR codes with the phone’s camera.

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Cyber Security London, Surrey and South East
Cyber Security London, Surrey and South East

WatchGuard Firewall Appliances

High performance, total security appliances. Built-in PoE+. Products available for small business, branch offices, enterprises and manufacturing sectors.

Tabletop Firebox Appliances

High performance, total security tabletop appliances. Built-in PoE+. Wi-Fi optional. Ideal for small, business, and branch office locations.

Rackmount Firebox Appliances

1U rackmount, total security appliances with screaming fast performance ideal for midsize and distributed enterprise organizations.

Rugged Firebox Appliances

Total security built to withstand harsh conditions and extreme temperatures. IP64-rated appliance. Perfect for manufacturing and IIoT environments.

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