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How Panda Technology Works

Conventional cybersecurity struggles to keep up with crafty, ever-evolving malware. Our innovative technology detects attacks before they even take place. This Smart technology is based on Big Data and AI, it monitors every running application on your systems and classifies absolutely EVERYTHING. Traditional antivirus solutions only take effect if a process is malicious, our technology takes it a step further, foreseeing attacks beforehand and acting before they even have a chance of taking effect.

Panda A WatchGuard brand

Machine and Data Learning

Behaviour intelligence – innovative technology offering high level security

Constant Monitoring

Protection against every type of threats. All running processes are constantly monitored, logged and categorised

Next-Gen Antivirus

Any unknown Malware, APTs, Fileless Attacks and other malicious behaviour are identified before they even take place

Granular Visibility

Comprehensive end point activity visibility


Attention to Detail

Real time alerts, security audits and Detailed Forensic Information


Detects, prevents and remediates

Business Solutions

Panda becomes WatchGuard Endpoint Security

This includes a full stack of integrated product options such as patching, encryption, remote monitoring and management, and more.

Advanced Adaptive Defence offers advanced security through EPP and EDR capabilities. A unique Zero-Trust Application Service and Threat Hunting Service is also included in one single solution. This automatically detects, classifies and responds to all endpoint technology.

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Cyber Security London, Surrey and South East
Lady working from home on laptop using Panda Home Solutions

Home Solutions

Created to protect your digital life through your family’s devices.
Home solutions offers antivirus protection adapted to suit every home.

The most common attacks are from ransomware, cyber espionage and targeted attacks. Keep your Windows, Mac, Android and iOS devices safe and your mind at ease. With multiple plans available designed to best suit your needs, enjoy your digital life and keep all your devices safe with our next-gen antivirus.

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Join us and get next-gen Panda Security protection, whether its for business purposes or yourself we have a solution for everyone.

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