Versatile EPoS Software

Kudos are passionate about building systems that meet your needs. With over 20 year’s expertise they’ve developed excellence in EPoS.

From working with retailers for a long time, Kudos has developed software to support different people in different roles. Intelligence for retail managers is across the network or comparison shop-by-shop, area managers get information just on their shops, furniture shops, workshops or warehouses get till screens that work with what they sell, the finance team have easy access to the sales and banking information they need.

We make sure Kudos is the right solution for you through our meetings and product demonstrations. But also ask to meet or talk to you and make sure all the people in your organisation will have what they need out of Kudos:

  • Financial reporting or integration
  • An easy to use EPoS or stock control system
  • The right software infrastructure
  • Access to the information you need in your office or on the move
  • A team of people you can work with

To see a tailored demonstration of Kudos, showing the features and benefits tailored to your business, please contact 4s Systems today for a no obligation and relaxed discussion on 0203 92 66 999 or click here.

Successfully providing EPoS solutions to the marketplace since 2001.

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Customer making a payment via EPoS