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SIP is a buzz word that has been going around the industry for some time now, but what are they?

SIP trunks are a modern alternative method of connecting your telephone system to the public network, rather than using traditional methods of using multiple analogue lines or ISDN lines, SIP use the internet to connect you to public network. As well as being highly efficient SIP trunks are a much more cost-effective solution than traditional methods and if setup correctly deliver robust continuity and exceptional voice quality.

You can use SIP trunking to minimise disruption and improve business continuity. For example, if your office has to close in an emergency, and you need the calls routed to and alternative destination immediately, SIP Trunks are able to do this on number by number basis, allowing individual direct dials to be diverted to separate numbers whether its fixed line or mobile.

With the announcement that BT Openreach intend to switch off ISDN in 2025, upgrading to SIP trunks could be one of the smartest decisions you can make for future proofing you business telecommunications.

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Visual of Connected London Sky representing SIP