IT is essential to the operation of most businesses and when it is out of action what do you do? In this situation who do you call? Some organisations have in-house support personnel and some decided to work with an outsource IT company or even a hybrid of the two.

In-house IT support desk

Having your own in-house IT support desk can have its benefits. With the right IT support staff and continued investment in training, your support team will have a vast specialised knowledge of your company’s IT infrastructure and systems. Being based on site, your IT support team will also be available to solve problems quickly and efficiently.

However, IT support training costs money and time. Indeed, to stay current, in the ever-changing world of technology, your staff will need constant training and will have to sit exams and certifications. An in-house IT employee is not always exposed to wider issues that can affect businesses, no matter how much they train. An IT support company will have more knowledge and have the knowhow to rectify them quickly.

The average salary for IT support staff is £28,000 a year and even more in London. Experienced IT managers with good knowledge are hard to find and also command higher wages. Holiday and sickness cover also needs to be considered. It would be risky to rely on just one or two people to run your in-house support desk. Even the most experienced IT staff will lack knowledge and expertise in some areas. With all this in mind it may be more cost effective to outsource your IT support.

Outsourced IT

Outsourcing IT support allows you to budget more effectively without the cost of hiring and training in-house IT staff. Outsourcing also lets you focus your resources where you need them most.
If you’re not IT trained, how can you be sure an employee is qualified? You can rest assured that when using a reputable IT support company, all staff will be fully certified, qualified and that they will also have a large working knowledge of current issues and security threats.

A reputable outsourced IT support company will have the resources to support you and undertake new projects straight away saving you time in implementing new projects, upgrades and roll outs.

Having a managed support contract can give your company a competitive technological advantage to help your business succeed. Many smaller businesses can’t afford the in-house support services that larger companies enjoy. Outsourcing can give smaller companies access to similar technology and expertise that larger competitors may enjoy.

One of the most important and valuable parts of your business is your data. With the ever growing threat of cybercrime and viruses you need to know that your network and data is secure, backed up and recoverable. IT support companies will manage this for you, keeping you protected and secure and ensuring business continuity.

At 4s Systems, we understand that businesses have limited resources and that Managers and Directors have limited time. 4s Systems can help your business stay focused on core business and not get distracted by complex IT decisions. We are experts in our field, so you don’t have to be. We pride ourselves on staying current with technology and passing our knowledge on to our clients in a clear, jargon free and easy way to understand.

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