In the extraordinary times that we are all living in, it may not seem wise to invest in new technology and systems. But what is the real cost to your business by not technologically moving forward?

Most of us have experienced working with outdated technology and understand the annoyance of constant computer errors, crashes, waiting for files to open and the document that never prints! Todays modern workforce expect fast machines, a fast internet connection and the technology needed to work on the move. Gone are the days of turning on your work PC and then heading to the kitchen to make a coffee, hoping it will have finished loading by the time you get back!
Working with outdated technology not only causes irritation and loss of productivity, it can also have many other affects that you may not have realised.

Company image

Having up to date technology and systems creates a great company image. An image that portraits you are successful and at the forefront of innovation and technology. Clients expect to see a modern workplace backed up with a modern website giving you the branding that you need to succeed.

Green credentials

New technology is much more energy efficient than that of the past. Manufactures have improved their processes and design with the environment as key factor. With new technology there is a considerable saving in energy consumption for most offices, whilst also lowering your environmental footprint.


Security is a major risk in today’s environment. Companies frequently fall behind on device and program updates.
Using old technology can open your business up to increased security vulnerabilities. Research shows that there is in excess of 10,000 new malware threats are every hour.

Because unsupported software no longer receives updates and patches against new cybersecurity threats, you are more likely to be infected with malware threats than if you are running the latest versions.

In some industries by not upgrading your technology, you are at risk of breaking your legal and regulatory compliance obligations.

Employee satisfaction

The way in which we work is radically different from as little as 4 months ago. Employers need to think and invest differently in technology to attract and retain staff.

It looks like many of us will be permanently working from home, or at least working in a more agile way. Companies must provide employees with the technology and systems that they need so they can embrace this new way of working.

Technologies and systems that were once out of reach for a smaller organisation are now readily available and affordable. Whilst this technology can provide useful solutions for employers, it is important to make sure that you are using the correct technology for you, at the right price. Implementing the right technology can greatly improve the success of your employees which in hand improves the success of your organisation.

Although many companies are not able to overhaul their IT infrastructure in one go, there are many things that can be done and recognising the need to change is a good start. Setting out a roadmap for change is an easy way to start. For more information and an obligation free discussion about how 4s Systems can help you implement the technology needed or help with a roadmap please call us now on 0203 92 66 999 or click here