In today’s world of connectivity, people expect WiFi in the same way they expect public conveniences. WiFi is no longer considered a luxury but more a necessity in everyday life.

Nearly all customer facing businesses offer free WiFi to visitors but miss out on the marketing opportunities and advertising avenues because they are not using it to its full potential.

Most customers accept that to use free public WiFi they have to supply their email address. This is a vital piece of marketing information that can be used to send them tailored marketing.

You can also use the analytics that most WiFi systems provide you with. This will enable you to see the insights of your customers and to also predict footfall and make better informed decisions on staffing levels and customer offerings.

Security is essential for WiFi. Before providing WiFi to customers and staff, make sure your preferred WiFi provider can administer a reliable, secure service.

With the possibility of having many different staff and customers of all ages connected at once, there are obvious security concerns that need addressing. A sensible approach would be to allow access to the internet with filtering and restrictions in place to prohibit unwanted access to inappropriate content.

When deploying WiFi key considerations are:

Coverage – The connection needs to be reliable and consistent and you need to consider which locations are likely to be the most popular. Consideration should be given to future expansion and usage to determine the level of coverage needed.

Content – Content filtering needs to be discussed to safeguard against access to inappropriate and illegal material. A reputable WiFi provider will have good knowledge of this and should be able to help and advise the best way to set this up.

Usage – The network will need to be able to manage the number of concurrent users it may have at any one time. Much consideration will need to be given to network design and the right connectivity to the outside world is paramount.

Cost – Installation and maintenance can be costly for any business looking to deploy a WiFi network.
The advantages of having a fast and secure WiFi offering can vastly outweigh the cost of implementation if setup and maintained correctly.

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