Remote access software is a must, this allows for a speedy response and can allow for planned maintenance to be implemented out of hours.

The first port of call if you have any issues should be an easy to reach and reactive support desk. You should be able to log a ticket via telephone, email or online and expect a prompt, polite and knowledgeable response.

Sometimes it’s not a fault that means you must contact your IT support company, it could be a question regarding functionality, a lost file or perhaps you’ve accidentally deleted a document. You need to feel comfortable that the support desk can help you and guide you through your query in a professional and jargon free approach.

Whether you have a new member of staff or have just upgraded your PC, Laptop, Tablet or Printer your IT support company should be able to easily set these up for you.

Your IT support partner should be experts in their field, they should be up to date with modern technology, so you don’t have to be. They should identify what you need and provide consultancy, explaining options and costs to deliver the systems and processes you need to run a successful business.

The management and health of your back-office equipment such as servers, routers and switches that provides the backbone to you network should be maintained, kept secure and backed up, these are all things a proactive support company should be advising you on.

Regular maintenance checks should be carried out on a weekly basis to ensure a healthy network and to check that all back-ups have been carried out fully, it also aids with an early identification where growth is exceeding implementation.

If regular maintenance has been carried out along with successful back-ups your IT support partner should be able to get you up and running with minimal disruption and without loss of data in the event of a technical disaster.

Proactive monitoring should be standard with any support contract to identify any potential issues so a fix can be implemented before any downtime or loss of productivity.

Your IT partner should be able to advise you on the best software and technology practices to enable you to work smart and speed up processes. Whether its bespoke software or off the shelve solutions, it’s important to know your IT support partner can provide you with the advice you need to succeed in business.

Purchasing the right IT equipment can be a minefield and costly. With ever changing operating platforms and processors it’s important to invest in the right technology to future proof your business. Your IT support partner should be able to source your equipment to suit your needs and budget.

Your network security is paramount to the safety of your valuable company data and your ability to operate. Viruses and Malware can cripple an organisation and severely affect the operational capabilities of your daily routine and could cost you thousands of pounds in lost revenues. Your IT partner should be advising you how to keep your network safe and implement software and procedures that protect you against Virus and Malware attacks.

Backing up your Data, Emails, Workstations and Servers should be part of your daily routine on-site and offsite back-ups are recommended, this is something your IT Partner should automate for you and regularly check that all data is stored safely and not corrupt.

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