API-based Predictive Email Defence for Microsoft 365

Vade provides an email security solution that can protect your small business and your users from sophisticated cybersecurity attacks. This includes phishing, spear phishing, and malware.

Robust and Innovative Email Security

Vade is the only native email security solution for Microsoft 365 with an API-based predictive email defence. This means that it can predict, and block directed and unknown email threats. This API-based predictive defence solution incorporates first-class artificial intelligence which is seamlessly integrated into Microsoft 365.

By ensuring real-time detection, it prevents high-level attacks by using machine learning models and real-time behavioural evaluation of the entire email including all URLs and attachments. This complex task uses data from 600 million inboxes so that the AI-based detection system can stop threats before, after and during the attack.

Utilising AI-based protection, allows machine-learning to take place so that patterns for new and emerging threats can be distinguished. It ensures that profiles of individuals your customers interact with frequently can be identified and any malevolent imposters highlighted to avoid spear phishing attacks.

This defence system also prevents your users from clicking on malicious URLs and gives you banner based warnings, as it utilises a 24/7 global threat intelligence system. It provides 24/7 email protection without ever interrupting e-mail traffic. It also allows you to use Microsoft 365’s EOP (Exchange Online Protection) instead of replacing it. It does this by attaching itself to EOP and adds an extra layer of security.

Vade has been operating for 14 years and has serious credentials such as protecting 500 million mailboxes worldwide in 76 countries with over 5000 customers using this product. By enhancing your Microsoft 365 product you will provide your business with the best possible email protection and prevent costly security breaches.

Threat Detection using Threat Coach

By using Threat Coach, users are warned if they display risky behaviour for example, opening a phishing email or clicking a malicious link. It works like a gamified training experience that highlights awareness of user behaviour that could lead to cyberattacks. It teaches the user to follow email security best practices.

It is integrated into Vade at no extra cost and is instantly deployed when a user clicks on a malicious link. It notifies the user and requests that they complete a quick interactive training session of about 1 to 2 minutes using real phishing examples from email and webpages from Vade’s extensive database. Hence users become experts in recognising suspicious links, emails and webpages via Threat Coach.

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