Office 365 can help your small business achieve work objectives easily and quickly. The integrated way that Office 365 works makes it the perfect solution to get things done in the simplest way.

Achieve Successful Online Work Remotely

Working remotely and online with other colleagues is easily achievable as Office 365 is a cloud based software. By using your local Internet connection at home or another place of work, you can connect to Office 365 and immediately start working online remotely. There are no other specialist skills or configuration problems to deal with. As long as you have an Internet connection, you will be able to connect to Office 365 whenever and wherever you want.

Use Microsoft Tools and Skills

You will be able to access Outlook, Word, Excel, PowerPoint and Publisher through Office 365 when it is downloaded onto your desktop. All the tools and skills that you already know and use everyday at work have been seamlessly integrated into Office 365. Please note that all Office apps are updated automatically so there is no additional IT maintenance needed.

Lots of Included Storage

Office 365 comes with 1TB of cloud storage and 50GB of email storage. This is standard with each licence of up to 5 registered users. This is good news for a small business as there are no hidden costs on top of each licence. The storage included should be more than enough for a small business and should suffice for backups as well.

Work as a Team

Office 365 has many great built-in features that can help a small business become efficient even if members of their team are working remotely. Files can be shared during online meetings or they can be shared so that various members can work on them at the same time. The use of OneDrive, Microsoft’s cloud storage, allows this to happen seamlessly. Your calendars as well as emails can be synchronised and contacts can be updated across all your devices. This is particularly useful when a contact is updated on a smartphone and this is then updated across all other devices.

Add Users to Office 365 on a Monthly basis

This feature is great for a small business, as it will allow you to add or cancel members on a monthly basis on a subscription basis. This means that you only pay for the number of users using Office 365 each month. This flexible billing system will help you as a small business keep costs down while you expand and grow.

Highly Functional Security System

Office 365 uses the security system set-up by Microsoft to ensure that your business network, documents and emails are not at risk from security issues. This highly functional security system scans messages and files for malware, spam and other malicious software 24/7. There is specifically strong encryption that protects your data. This level of cyber security is of great benefit to your small business especially with all of the cyber security threats that businesses have to deal with in the remote working environment.

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