There are a few very distinct signs that your computer has been infected with a virus. Notably, if your computer starts acting strangely then you will need to be aware of the following signs to determine if it has been infected with a virus.

If your computer becomes really hot it might have been compromised

When the CPU in your computer is working overtime, it tends to heat up. When it heats up the fans inside your computer start working much more causing both a lot of noise and a lot of heat. If this happens then you should be instantly aware that your computer may have been compromised as malware can cause your computer to overwork. It is however possible that another legitimate reason is causing your computer to heat up and become noisy. These can be caused by software applications that use a lot of graphic card power and can also cause a lot of heat to build up for example CAD programmes or PC games.

If your computer becomes really slow a virus may be present

If your computer becomes really slow from one day to the next, then a virus may be present. However, a computer will become slow over time as more software is added and more of its resources are used. You could check your RAM memory and hard disk space to determine if they may be the reason that your computer is slow. If they are not and your computer becomes slow overnight, then you should check for malware.

Lots of ads and pop-up windows open up

If you suddenly see an unexpected pop-up window or advert it is advised to close the window immediately. Malicious malware may be uploaded to your computer as soon as you click on any link that may be present. If these pop-up windows and ads keep on automatically appearing, then you may be dealing with malware and you will need to take action to protect your data.

Your computer is always crashing or freezing

If your computer suddenly starts acting erratically with frequent program crashes, programs opening and closing or even abruptly freezing then a virus may have infected your computer. It may be possible that if your computer overheats it will automatically shut down. However, it is best to check that a virus is not present as computer crashes are a sign that your computer has a serious problem that needs to be dealt with immediately. A lot of malware programs tend to delete files or move them so if you experience this type of behaviour you should immediately check for a virus.

Protect your Computer with Antivirus Software

By ensuring that your computer is protected with Antivirus software you will be notified if malicious virus is present. Always ensure that your anti-virus databases are updated on a regular basis and that you perform a daily scan. Find out how Panda Security can protect you and your business.