Working remotely from home means that you will have to set up an office at home. Certain steps will need to be taken to ensure you create a home office that makes remote working a success.

Create space for a home office

Creating a home office should include a separate space that will allow you to concentrate and work successfully. It could be a separate room or a corner in a quiet room away from any distractions. Once you have established a dedicated workspace ensure that you can sit at a desk. This is important as it will ensure that you can maintain a proper posture preventing back pain and other problems from working long hours on your computer. An adjustable chair is a must so that your feet are always flat on the floor and your eyes are at screen level. Ensure that you have all of your equipment near you including your phone and your stationery to prevent strains from continual stretching.

Prepare for video conferencing

It is advisable to create a home office space that has a neat and aesthetically pleasing view. This is important for holding video conferencing calls. You need to ensure that the view your video conferencing callers see is professional. This can be achieved by choosing a space behind your desk that is neutral in colour and is neat and tidy. You will also have to dress in a professional way even if you are wearing lounge wear. It is also important to use a headset that has a reliable speaker and microphone.

Internet and VPN access

Ensure that your Internet connection is as fast and as smooth as possible for uploading and downloading files as quickly as possible. VPN (Virtual Private Network) access is also important to be able to securely access your company’s files and emails. Your home computer or laptop will need to be connected to your company’s VPN. The importance of a VPN is the fact that is can protect you and your company by encrypting all the data that is sent over the Internet. Passwords and two-step verification processes should always be followed to protect your and your company’s accounts.

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Use Cloud storage

A backup should be maintained daily to ensure that work and data is not lost. A cloud provider is especially useful as information is stored remotely. Cloud storage is really useful if you are working from home especially if it will be long-term. Cloud storage allows digital data to be stored and retrieved as quickly as possible.

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Set up a Routine

Working remotely can be difficult without the usual office commute routine. It is important however to stick to you usual routine by waking up and sleeping at the same time as if you were going into the office. It is also important to take breaks as you would at work to increase your productivity and relieve stress. End your working day at the same time everyday thus separating work from family and home.

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