Small businesses can operate anywhere and at anytime by using the benefits of an EPoS (Electronic Point of Sale).
There are many features and packages available hence it is important that you choose the one that meets your business needs.

Software Features to Consider

Some of the most important features to consider include a system for selecting products and services as well as managing orders and stock, multiple terminals and hardware for use at different locations, analytics, customer management as well as ecommerce and accounting integration.

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EPoS packages that have many great features for small businesses are EPoS Elite and EPoS Kudos

Hardware Features to Consider

Depending on your type of small business, there are different hardware features that you may consider when choosing your EPoS software package. The type of hardware you choose should ensure that all software features that are important for your business are easy to process and use. Touchscreeens or tablets, Barcode scanners to read product codes, credit card readers, receipt printers, etc

Types of EPoS Systems

The various types of EPoS systems available can be classified as mobile, retail, hospitality and all-in-one. As a small business unless you run a retail or hospitality business then a mobile or all-in-one EPoS system would be preferable as the other systems or specifically tailored to these types of businesses.

Mobile System

If your small business needs to receive payments and make sales at various locations, a MPoS (Mobile Point of Sale) should be considered. A mobile windows device can be utilised to make sales and receive payment at any location as long as you are connected to a mobile data network. Printing receipts and managing stock should also be included in this sort of package.

All-in-One System

This type of EPoS system allows your small business to purchase software and hardware and set it up without initially having to upgrade components. It is a simple and practical decision, as you will have all the features you need to expand if needs be as well as receive support and maintenance from the supplier at the outset.

Retail and Hospitality Systems

These type of systems normally consist of many hardware components such as computer, cash drawer, printer, scanner, touchpads, card reader and an integrated software package. Hospitality systems also allow a streamlined service for ordering, delivering and billing customers. Analytical tools as well as accounting tools are integrated.

As a small business there are many considerations when choosing an EPoS system that suits your business needs best.

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