Password Managers can easily be used by a Small Business to ensure that their teams are able to share secure passwords and still have robust security to protect sensitive data of the business. There are many packages that suit small businesses and the costs for them are reasonable. The most important features of a top-rated Password Manager and how they can be used in a small business shall be explored.

Encryption of Passwords

A Password Manager will encrypt all your passwords and encrypt your master password. A master password is needed to open the Password Manager and the only password that you need to remember. Note that web based password managers are risky and passwords are not encrypted therefore a software or App version of a Password Manager is a much better option.

Selecting a Secure Password

Secure Passwords need to contain uppercase and lowercase letters, numbers and symbols and they must be long and unique. They must not have been used before on any other website. Select passwords that mean something to the team and can be remembered easily but always ensure that it is unique. Using a phrase or sentence that you can shrink to include the first letter of each word can create unique passwords that are secure. Ensure that your Password Manager will notify you if any weak, compromised or duplicate passwords are being used and will recommend alternative passwords. An easy to manage dashboard will make using a Password Manager easy for all members of the team.

Random Password Generator

Using weak passwords or the same password for many other websites can pose a security risk for your small business. If any website is compromised and one of your team members has used the same password for numerous websites, that can lead to a security breach for your business. Unique passwords need to be utilised by all members of your team. A random password generator should be a key feature in choosing a Password Manager.

Secure Password Sharing

If a password needs to be shared amongst team members then it should be done securely using the Password Manager as the sharing platform. Every member should have access to the Password Manager and hence password sharing can take place easily amongst team members. Sharing options should be able to be turned on and off and managed centrally. A useful feature would also allow you as the central controller of the Password Manager to share but hide passwords and only show them if you choose.

Robust Security Measures

To ensure that you keep your Password Manager account secure ensure that it has two-factor-authentication. This will ensure that only your team members can access your small business Password Manager. Mobile version such as an App will be needed for team members working remotely. A useful feature especially for remote working would be to limit log in to team members accounts from a specific location only.

Cyber Attack Measures

Data saved on a Password Manager can be stored locally or on the cloud. If your small business stores in locally then it will be saved to a business computer on-site. Storing the data on the cloud allows the Password Manager to store the data to a secure online server and it can be accessed from any device. It is important to be able to set up certain security protocols and permission levels for team members ensuring that you can limit cyber attacks.
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