In today’s digital landscape, cybersecurity is paramount. At 4s Systems, we understand the critical importance of robust cyber defences. Antivirus software is the first line of defence against a myriad of cyber threats. It’s designed to detect, thwart, and remove malicious software—known as malware—thus safeguarding your digital assets and information.

However, the cyber threat landscape is evolving rapidly, and traditional antivirus solutions are often not enough. This is where WatchGuard Endpoint Protection, Detection, and Response (EPDR) comes into play. WatchGuard EPDR is not just an antivirus; it’s a comprehensive security solution that provides endpoint protection (EPP) and endpoint detection and response (EDR) capabilities in one unified product.

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Key Features of WatchGuard EPDR

Zero Trust Application Service

By classifying processes as either malware or trusted before execution, WatchGuard EPDR ensures that only verified applications run on your endpoints, embodying the Zero Trust model.

Continuous Monitoring

WatchGuard EPDR offers EDR for ongoing surveillance, preventing the execution of unknown processes and providing automatic detection and response to targeted attacks and in-memory exploits.

Next-Gen Antivirus

Any unknown Malware, APTs, Fileless Attacks and other malicious behaviour are identified before they even take place

Granular Visibility

Comprehensive end point activity visibility


Threat Hunting

Delivered as managed services, the Threat Hunting features proactively search for patterns of anomalous behaviour, offering an additional layer of protection.


Detects, prevents and remediates

Why Choose WatchGuard EPDR?

Protection Against Sophisticated Cyberattacks
WatchGuard EPDR protects against advanced threats, zero-day malware, ransomware, phishing, and more.
100% Confidence with Zero Trust
The service classifies processes with high accuracy, ensuring that only trusted processes execute, thereby maintaining a default-deny posture.
Anticipate Attackers with Threat Hunting
The team of cybersecurity experts at WatchGuard analyses suspicious activities, reducing the mean time to detect and respond to threats.
Extended Detection and Response (XDR)
XDR is a unified security incident platform that uses AI and automation to provide a holistic approach to protect against and respond to advanced cyberattacks. WatchGuard EPDR integrates XDR capabilities, expanding its coverage beyond traditional antivirus solutions.

4s Systems Management

At 4s Systems, we offer managed services for WatchGuard EPDR, ensuring that your cybersecurity needs are expertly handled. Our team of professionals will oversee the deployment, management, and monitoring of WatchGuard EPDR, providing peace of mind that your systems are secure and up-to-date.

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