Using a MPLS core network allows your business the advantage of having all your data services assigned to one point of contact. This in turn will ensure that you only have to settle one bill and sign one set of SLA’s (Service Level Agreement). There are many advantages to using MPLS for your business as it provides technology specifically used to enhance data forwarding speed and control.

What is MPLS

MPLS (Multiple Label Switching) directs data along a path using specific labels ensuring that each data packet will move along a specific path which is predetermined.

MPLS Increases Speed and Control of Network Traffic

The speed and control of all network traffic is increased by the use of MPLS. Instead of data moving along using a routing table which is complex and time consuming, data has a predetermined route assigned a specific label. This will ensure that data loads much more quickly and performance is greatly enhanced.

Helps Build Intelligent Networks

MPLS has no specific protocols as it uses Internet Protocols (IP) instead and it relies on Asynchronous Transport Mode (ATM)? This ensures that data packets are encoded into a specific cell size instead of variable data packets which are used by Ethernets and local area networks. This ensures that an intelligent network can be built that is capable of delivering advanced services.

Costs can be Reduced

Using MPLS for your network allows your business to deliver advanced services that encompass voice, video and digital data over the same network bandwidth. This will reduce service costs considerably.


The technology that MPLS uses means that it is compatible and hence can carry many different types of data. This allows your business a scalable solution if you need to add other features or types of data to your network. Note that MPLS will also allow you to determine which of your business’s most important traffic needs to be prioritised.


Any network that uses MPLS will be less likely have complications relating to overloading or crashing as many different data paths exist and can be utilised to ensure that the network remains reliable at all times.

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