As a small business the benefits of using hosted VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) are especially beneficial when employees are working from home as communications can still be centrally managed by using software management tools.

What is Hosted VoIP

Hosted VoIP is a system where voice signals are digitised and sent over an Internet connection to a VoIP network which is dedicated to routing your business calls.

Setting up a Hosted VOIP

Setting up a Hosted VoIP system is a relatively easy process without the need for specialist equipment. Your small business will need an Internet connection to connect to the Hosted VoIP system. Specialist software is used to manage your business communications systems which could include video conferencing and Mobile VoIP.

Benefits of a Hosted VOIP

Multiple locations

By using a Hosted VoIP system, your small business communications can be accessed at anytime from any location as long as you have an Internet connection. This allows your employees to use your business line from any location even if they are working remotely. A mobile app can normally be used to achieve this.


Softphones can be run from a PC or a Mac as well as from a Smartphone. On Smartphones an app is used to allow you to make and receive calls. A desktop client will allow you to make and receive calls from a PC or a Mac as long you have access to Wi-Fi. This will allow employees to be able to communicate form various locations if they are working remotely.

Full Communication Package

Hosted VoIP will also allow users to access messaging, audio and video conferencing and share files.
Quality Voice connectivity
To ensure that you have the best quality voice connectivity, managed services with Quality of Service (QoS) should be used. Hosted VoIP service providers that have UK-based support teams and use dedicated and secure business-class connections should provide you with top quality voice connectivity.

Disaster Recovery Plan

Hosted VoIP has the added benefit of rerouting your calls via a web portal as part of a disaster recovery plan. This means that if you have to take complete control of your small business telephone system from another location in the event of a cyber attack or a natural disaster, this can be easily achieved through Hosted VoIP.


As your small business grows, more telephone lines can be added. Hosted VoIP allows you to simply add new employees to your telephone system even if they are working remotely.

Low Cost

Setting up Hosted VoIP is cost effective, as no specialised equipment needs to be purchased. This allows even a small business to take advantage of the many benefits of Hosted VoIP for a small cost.