As a small business, backup solutions should take place remotely where data is stored safely and securely and is readily accessible. The best solution would be to use a cloud backup. This gives your small business a fully managed solution to back up data even if your team is working remotely. It is important that security, backup and recovery performance are key when looking at cloud backup solutions.

Flexible Solution as your Small Business Grows

A cloud backup solution is very flexible. The amount of data that your small business needs to backup will increase as your business grows. Your cloud backup provider will be able to provide you more storage space on the cloud. To ensure that you only pay for the storage space that you will really need for backups, a regular check of all data should be done. Any out-of-date data can be archived instead hence saving you space and money.

Automation of Backups

A cloud backup can be automated. Specialist backup software is installed and this software automatically uploads an encrypted copy of your data on a periodic bases. This encrypted copy of your data is uploaded via an Internet connection to a datacentre where it is safely and securely stored. By automating your cloud backup you do not have to manage a daily backup of data as it will be automatically managed and uploaded to the cloud.

Remote and Secure Backups

As a small business it is important that your backup of data can be stored remotely and securely. As the threat of ransomware is ever growing, your small business will be protected from cyber attacks. Considering that cloud backups are encrypted and securely stored on a remote server at various datacentre, your data will always be secure. This is important if your small business suffers a data loss due to other unforeseen circumstances or if physical hard drives are corrupted or damaged.

Allows Fast Recovery

Cloud backup allows your data to be stored remotely yet it is readily available if your small business suffers some unforeseen event where data is lost or damaged. The most important advantage of a cloud backup is that recovery of data is fast and simple. Data that has been stored on the cloud should be readily available if needs be. Normally a full backup will occur the first time you backup to your cloud storage facility and then an incremental backup will take place daily or when data is changed. This is the most efficient way to backup data as it prevents your network from overloading when a backup takes place.

Affordable Solution

Cloud backup can be very affordable for small businesses. You do not need to invest in any hardware as cloud backup occurs via your Internet bandwidth connection. This is also the case if you need to recover any of your data from the cloud.

Mobile Data

Data from any device can be uploaded to the cloud backup. With the rise of working from home, many small businesses should look at whether data from mobile devices need to be backed up especially if your small business uses smartphones or tablets for EPOS (electronic point of sale).

Accessible Anytime Anywhere

If your small business suffers some unforeseen disaster, you will be able to recover your data from the cloud from a different location or device. This is possible when you have a cloud backup, as data is accessible from anywhere at anytime.

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