Hybrid working has many advantages and merges the benefits of working from home and working from the office. Creating this type of Hybrid Working model depends on how many of your employees are happy to work in this way as well as the business capability to implement it effectively.

Communication and Wellbeing

This type of working will require open communication with employees and specific measures put in place to reassure employees of their wellbeing when they return to the workplace. These measures should include vulnerable office workers who would have to work long-term from home, office occupancy to ensure social distancing, rota of home/office working hours and conducting a survey to open communication channels with all employees so that any problems can be dealt with before hand.

When communicating it should be noted that meetings should be held online even if the hybrid-working model is in place. This will ensure that all members are meeting on the same platform at the same time even if they are working from home or from the office.

Work-Life Balance

Hybrid working may prove to be a popular option with employees especially since they have been used to working form home for many months during lockdown due to Covid-19. Employees may have found a good work-life balance during these months and would like to carry on with this routine and the benefits that it has brought them. These benefits may include no commuting into work, saving money, time to workout and enjoy walks and nature, more family time and scheduling work around family and personal commitments. However, the boundaries between home and work life can be difficult to maintain and hybrid working would allow them to establish some sort of routine with office and home working.

Employee Training

Hybrid working provides a means to train employees in a number of skills including managing their wellbeing as well as learning new IT skills. Digital wellbeing management is an area that could be beneficial to employees by allowing them to achieve healthy habits when using technology and finding a balance. It should also open communication doors with their managers if they are struggling and need help thus ensuring metal health support. Employees should also receive training on cyber security issues to prevent ransomware and phishing attacks.

Job Satisfaction and Motivation

Motivation and job satisfaction that employees achieved while working from home, needs to be maintained. This can be achieved by allowing employees to choose when they want to work from home and when they want to work from the office. This Hybrid Working model allows employees to retain their freedom and in turn will allow greater job satisfaction and motivation.

Better Employee Performance

Employee performance should increase with hybrid working. Employees may have become tired of the same working environment at home and they may want interaction with colleagues as well as face-to-face interaction instead of video meetings. By working from home and the office they could achieve these goals and this should affect their performance positively. It is important to note that performance should be measured by the output of an employee’s work rather than by the amount of hours that have worked.

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